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Photoshop Portfolio

For this effect I used the wind fliter to create the green effect behind the text. I also added colour to the effect, and the background.

To make the rainbow text, first I seperated each letter making each a different colour, next I added the faint seperation effect behind the text.

To make the ice effect, I rotated the picture, added a wind effect to look like icicles and changed the colour. I aslo used a filter to make the photo look more winter like. Sadly, the tutorial was lost.

This photo was also a different type of wind filter. I added a fill layer to add colour to the text.

To change this photo, firstly I changed the colour of the face. Next I burned parts of the colour to make stripes in the skin. I added the freckles by reduing colour in certain spots, then added colour to the eyes.

This was coloured by adding fill layers, and colouring the fill layers. The shadowing and lighting was also added. This was a quite easy way of colouring because the line art is infront of the fill layers, making colouring outside the lines pretty much impossible.

This was made completely from scratch. The figures were drawn with the custom shape tool, and the pen tool. I added an effect to make the figures look more 3D and added in the background also.

This wallpaper was made completely with filter effects.

This text was made mostly by adding different filters and colours. The shiny spark-like effects were made with the rectangle and eclipse tool, and then duplicated and spreaded through out the text.

This wallpaper was made with the gradient tool. After making the symmetrical figure, I added a fill layer to add colour to the wallpaper.


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