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Photoshop Portfolio – Where I can go with a Spaceship


To make this background, I added the backgound of two other pictures and put them in the background of this pitcute. I changed the opacity of the background so that they fit a bit better.


In this picture, there were a couple things that I had to do before I started adding other things to the picture. I had to use the cloning tool to take out some + marks that were randomly spread around the picture, and I also had to use the cloning tool to take out a logo in the corner of the picture. Now that I had the picture how I wanted it, I added a Canadian flag to the picture and also put in a spaceship to make it look like the Canadians got their flag on the moon first.


When I took this picture off the internet it was already perfect to add to, there wasn’t  a logo in the corner, nor were there any random marks that I had to take out. To get the astronaut in this picture, I cut him out of another picture and just pasted him into this picture where he seemed to fit. I also darkened the visor on his helmet to make sure that the reflection fit in.


To make this picture, there were a lot of steps to follow. First I had to add the box where the background was staying, and transform it so that it’s not just a perfect squared box. Next I cut out the background excluding the legs of the astronaut. I erased part of the box where it overlaps the legs. I added the green background and the shadows for the astronaut and box, then I was finished.


In this picture, I followed the tutorial that Mr.Wilkenson had on his blog to colour the picture. I didn’t really do anything different than the tutorial. I am a lot happier with the results of this picture than the results of my first attempt at colouring line art.


I followed a tutorial to make this picture, the end result in the tutorial seemed to be a lot better than my end result. In the tutorial, I had to skip a lot of steps because I didn’t know how to do what the tutorial asked. This picture does look like the astronaut is covered in honey tho.


To make this picture, I cut out the middle of the black hole and pu Mr.Bean on another layer under the black hole, I cloned Mr. Beans shoulder so that it looks more natural then I was done.


To make this picture, I selected the earth and changed the look of it with filter effects. For the background of the shuttle, I did the same thing.


To make this picture, I added the hotdog to the photo and put it where the previous rocket part was. I changed the opacity to 70% and erased the part that was supposed to be outside. Then I put the opacity back to 100% and it looked like it was there before.


To put the smiley face into the picture, I took out the background of the smiley face and put it where it seemed to belong. I changed the texture of the face using filter effects and it looked like it fit in.


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