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Photoshop Wrap-Up

Posted on: September 25, 2009

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty:

To take the head off the statue of liberty, I used the clone tool. Once the head was gone I used the blur and smudge tool to try to make the sky look a bit more natural.


Ant Farm:

To get the dog in this picture, I used the magnetic lasso tool. Once I had the dog cut out, I pasted him into the and picture and put him where he seemed to fit. I also put a blue inner glow on the dog to make him fit better in the picture.


Fail Dive with Neon filter:

To make this effect, first I cut out the person in this photo and put him on another layer. After, I changed the background with a neon filter and put the person back to where he was so that he wasn’t effected by the filter.


One Person in a Million:

This was in my opinion the most fun assignment. Every effect was done in the blending options and I also changed the colour balance.


Too many Hockey Players:

To make this photo, I cut out every player and added it to the scene. I had to take out the background of every picture so that it didn’t show up on the hockey rink. For each set of players, I blended them in as best as I could.


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